I was amazed that the "Free ad guru" took 180+ pages to tell a so called "secret" that Dr. Neil Shearing without all the fluff took only 4 pages to reveal in 30 days to Internet Success.
The fact of the matter is that Mr. Ducharme is a skilled writer in the sense of filling the book with fluff. The "secret" of Mr. Ducharme's book is completely laid out on page 63 yet it is over 180 pages long.
The rest of the book is about how you can use his product to help build a list through coregistration techniques. Basically he tells you all you need to do is sign up for his affiliate program and build his list and sell his product and you can build yours as well.
I was astounded that he had the nerve to sell an affiliate program in the form of a 180+ book for $97 or $197. The whole purpose of the book is to convert you to the affiliate program that sells the book. .
I was also unimpressed with the presentations of the under experienced telemarketers in St. George Utah that called and offered some sort of BULL mentorship program for "how much do you have to invest" offering no credentials in the first place.
I now own rights (including to reprint it in whole or in part) to the book containing Neil Shearing's 4 page explanation of this system. So if anyone is tempted to waste $97 on "How to get 1 Million Visitors on your We site without a dime in advertisement" (although not everybody who buys this affiliate program thinks it's a waste)Hold on to you money because I am going to include it here FYI.
Please do not attempt to republish it as you would be breaking copywrite but feel free to apply the technique to your own business. After all this is the How To Forum right? Count it as a free sample. Here it is:
Answer: By Neil Shearing -- ScamFreeZone.Com
I don't know about a "day by day" plan, but this is what I'd do... ===================================== If I lost all my business assets and had to rebuild my Internet business based on only my marketing know-how, I'd do the following...
Knowing that the power of marketing online is in your lists...I'd aim to rebuild my lists as quickly as possible. Currently, I have three lists... my (free) newsletter subscribers, my customers and my affiliates.
In order to rebuild my lists quickly, I'd create a short mini-ebook (also known as digital reports) on a hot topic with mass appeal... perhaps how to decrease spam or something like that. I'd then set a price tag on it of, say $19.95. My next step would be to contact existing powerful Internet marketers and offer them the maximum amount of commission I could.
[For speed, I'd set up as a merchant with Clickbank; and offer my joint venture partners the maximum Clickbank permits... that's currently 75%. I'd then set bonuses at higher levels... so 50+ sales gets the partner 80% (that's 75% direct from Clickbank and 5% directly from me), 100+ sales gets the partner 85% and 200+ sales gets the partner 90%. (You have to leave approx 10% for processing fees).
What this does is gets your joint venture NOTICED and ACTIONED. Top marketers get a ton of "sell my ebook for 50%" offers. You want them to 1: Sit up. 2: Take action.
So, they start referring tons of visitors. At my salescopy page I'd have a popup window to capture subscribers to my free newsletter.
Say you have 10,000 visitors from Marketer A. If 1 in 8 signs up for your newsletter and one in 25 buys, you get 1250 new subscribers and 400 customers. If you repeat that for just five marketers (which is about all you can hope for because once five big marketers have promoted it, the others will be less likely to), you have 6250 subscribers and 2000 customers.
I would also set up autoresponders so that subscribers are dropped into a "free newsletter" autoresponder and customers are dropped into a "customer" autoresponder.
For my autoresponders, I use Getresponse.
The first message would be "welcome" and "I hope you got your order OK" respectively.
The second email would be "did you know you can sell this report and earn 50%" with a link to the Clickbank affiliate program for our report.
(if only 5% of your lists sign up for the affiliate program, you'd have about 400 affiliates).
So, now you have three lists... free subscribers (approx 6250), customers (approx 2000) and affiliates (approx 400).
You haven't yet made any money because you've paid nearly all to your partners, but you're well on your way to re-establishing your "reach" (the ability to contact many people at once).
Then, about a week apart, I'd send promotional emails for other, related products. For the newsletter, the offers would be for general Internet marketing products. For the customers, who bought our report, I'd send offers relating to the content of the report. For the affiliates, I'd recommend product to help affiliates make money.
One of the best places to find affiliate program for any niche is...Commission Junction and also Allan Gardyne's directory...http://www.associateprograms.com/
The money would start to come from the referred sales generated from your customer, subscriber and affiliate lists.
Once the money starts coming in, I'd buy reprint rights to quality products and offer the products to my lists... keeping all the profits.
I'd also continue to generate small reports and offer them to my original joint venture partners and new potential partners.
Finally, I'd either write, buy reprint rights to, or pay a programmer to create, a great product... something you can sell for a few hundred dollars.. I'd put that into the autoresponder loop and use it as a "backend" product... which is where you make your money.
With affiliates working to bring in sales and new subscribers from their traffic, your lists will begin to grow on their own and your business will generate income on its own.
Well I guess it is not a "secret"{ anymore ;-) This is the "How To" forum so I hope that you all enjoyed this free tidbit that now more than 2000 people including myself have happily paid $97 to obtain.
Josh Anderson
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