FREE Keyword Tools:
Lycos own list of the 50 most searched keywords
Search funnels with Microsoft. Here you input a keyword and choose if you want to get results that starts with the word your are searching for or ending with that word.
Great domain searcher that lets you type your word while it checks the availability, but only
This one don’t need any more explanation…
Descent keyword tool that lets you choose country to search. Gives monthly search volume, Google, Yahoo, and MSN estimate, Yahoo suggest, Google Trends, Google traffic estimator
What’s buzzing right now in the Yahoo world gives you the top 20 results, and the ability to go deeper into different categories and find the most popular words searched for.
Gives you the search volume, the actual competitors for that keywords and how many competing Adwords there are for each keyword.
Down at the moment
You can choose country, but the tool only uses two other search tools, the free Wordtracker and Overture, shows search per day.
Down at the moment
The free version of the well know Wordtracker tool, shows you only the top 100 and is pretty limited.
Shows you total searches and search engine estimates for each word in Google, Yahoo and MSN, uses the overture keyword tool to generate results.
This is a another great tool by Google and gives you the latest trends on what is searched for using the keyword you input, get results like searches in each country, cities and languages
Not a good tool at all, uses Google to find the results by checking Google’s top 1000 result, but does not show anything interesting and even end up with empty results for popular terms
This is a service you will need to sign up for, no worry it is free, it reveals in real-time the least utilized, most promising keywords hidden in the Long Tail of your natural search results. You will need to install some code on your website to make it work
Is a kind of search engine that find results from other search engines and put them together. Shows related search results together with your main search.
This is a metasearch engine that is very Web 2.0 friendly giving you the results in a visual display, uses a set of different search engines to come up with the results.
Nice little website that makes you search a whole range of other different search engines, social bookmarking sites, video sites etc. You just enter your keywords and click each icon for which tool you want to use and the results shows up very fast beneath the icons.
Another tool that uses the Wordtracker results, gives you the count, string and phrase for each keyword.
This is a free Adwords that is very handy in creating huge keyword lists. They claim it will create every possible permutation combination of keywords. It uses the Wordtracker tool to gather results. You have a lot of options here to broaden your results. Sends the results by email.
A web 2.0 browser which shows the results in a visual navigation panel. Also gives you a standard keyword list. There are only keywords here, no counts of any sort.
This is pretty much identical to the Kwbrowse above.
Menomap combines technologies of social networking, search engines and other data sources to help you formulate search queries and find really relevant information. Find results from theweb, images, digg, and youtube. Also shows a visual presentation of your results.
The old nichebot that uses wordtracker results, pretty much the same as a lot of other keyword tools out there.
You need to sign up for this service. Nice tool that gives you a lot of information about each site related to your keyword. Shows Back links to the domain in Yahoo, Back links to the webpage in Yahoo, Pages Rank of domain, Pages Rank of webpage, Keyword/Key phrase occurrences on webpage, Pages indexed of domain in Yahoo ,All in Anchor Rank of domain in Google, All in Title Rank of domain in Google, All in Text Rank of domain in Google.
Gives you only overture results
Not a keyword search tool, but more like an organizer that checks your list for duplicate entries and arrange them alphabetically
Pretty useless tool, gives you an overview from Google trend (the visual) and how many result with each keyword.
Supposed to give you similar sites with the one you input, but does give very few results, most often no results at all
Not working at the moment
A handy tool that gives you as the domain say, synonyms of the word you use, This tool digs Google synonyms twice for the ~synonym search results
Tool grabs the top queries from Google Suggest and also links through to our SEO Book keyword suggestion tool (see below) gives you keyword, competing pages, refine Google suggest and overture suggestion.
This is a news searcher that makes it available to search thru news and blog. Shows an interactive graph of how the keyword has appeared in the news.
Java web 2.0 keyword tool that is very impressive. Gives you a whole lot of information using a very nice visual graph together with a info panel. Ability to search using Google, Amazon or Facebook
Web 2.0 browsers with a cool visual navigation, shows the results below the visual window. It doesn’t give as many results as other web 2.0 tools.
A plain and simple tool where you pick the search engine you want to use and it finds related keywords words, nothing else. Not a very accurate tool.
Search engine that uses the Google results to come up with the results, nothing fancy here, but do have links to many other ways to expand your search.
A Flickr search tool that is way more accurate than the search function on Flickr’s own site.
6 PAID Keyword tools
Here is a list of the most used paid keyword tools, as you might understand I have not tried all of these, and therefore I will not try to give a review about the ones that I don’t know anything about, that is not my style. But I have added my affiliate link to most of them so if you decide to sign up for one or the other it would be nice if you kept the link in place.
But I have tried two of these products, and will give a very short introduction to them both:
This is by far the most popular keyword tool available, and is the one I really recommend everybody who is involved in keyword research to at least try, there is a free trial so you got nothing to lose. This is a comprehensive tool that really finds quality keywords and makes your research a whole lot easier.
This is the tool recommended by a bunch of adwords junkies and also a great product, it is somewhat different from Wordtracker and works in another way, here you have a couple great tools that is just fantastic. You can use it to spy on your competition both regarding keywords and adwords. This is also highly recommended. I will write a full review of this product very soon.
If you got other recommended sites I would be happy to see you adding them to my list.
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