Right click and backup any file or folder to your email account.


Right click files and backup.

Right click folders they are zipped and backuped.

Allow zip before send.

Run custom command before send.

Change subject prefix.

SSL SMTP connection and non ssl.

Configurable SMTP server.

Scheduler in crontab notation so you can schedule backups.

Ask for target email before every backup (by default not asking).

After installing the program, you have to put in the email address you want to send the files to as well as the password of the email account. You also need to put in the details of the SMTP server.

What I find really cool is that the program accepts and recognizes the "+" for Gmail addresses. I have various labels set up for various kinds of emails so if I have one set up for say username+backup@gmail.com, the program accepts the email address and sends the file directly to the backup label in my Gmail account.

The only limitation with Backup To Email is that files over 10MB are broken up into pieces and sent in individual emails. So if your file is over 10MB, consider zipping it and getting the size down.

Once you start using this, you'll wonder how you previously managed without it!


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