Are you one of those frustrated internet marketers that just can't seem to rise above the search engine riff-raff and get your site listed ahead of all those other sites for your chosen keywords?

Aggravating isn't it? You find your most competitive site about 50 car lengths ahead of yours in Google and you sigh "How are they doing that?" You examine their site, curse a little more and finally give up the ghost only to move onto something else.

Well, don't give up yet!

Google can really be one of your best friends. I promise, no bribes necessary, however getting good inbound links to your website is. In fact it's huge for helping you rise naturally in the search engines for your selected keyword phrase, leaving your competition in the dust …so take that Mr. Competitor!

Let's look at an example; I have an internet marketing tools site at My chosen keyword phrase that I want to rank well for in the search engines is 'internet marketing tools'. I can come up naturally in the search engines for this keyword phrase by getting others to use this keyword phrase on their site as anchor text that links back to my site.

Here's how it works:

It all starts with finding relevant keyword phrases that people search on and that aren't too competitive. Sounds like an almost impossible task but it's really not. Stick with finding the long tail keyword phrases and use a good tool to help you get there.

Next create the html that includes your best keyword phrase. So for example, my marketing tools site will use the keyword phrase 'internet marketing tools' as its anchor text that will contain a link back to my site.

Here's an example of what the html code looks like:

Internet Marketing ToolsGet

the scoop on the best internet marketing tools on the web.

This is what the text will look like:

Internet Marketing Tools – Get the scoop on the best internet marketing tools on the web.

You can also use this example, just substitute your URL, your keyword phrase and description.

Finally, my next task is to find as many related sites as I can to use this anchor text on their website. The more sites I can get this anchor text on the better my chances are for coming up naturally in the search engines for 'internet marketing tools'. And as you can see I rank #1 in Google for this phrase. Go ahead, I'll wait while you check.

So how can you do the same for your website? There are several good ways but before we get to that here's what you need to do first…

Find 2-3 keyword phrases that you want to rank well for in the search engines. Of course if you have your heart set on only one key phrase that's fine, I just like to have a few reserves. I highly recommend Wordtracker to find the best keywords and they have a free trial.

Next, develop the html code using the above example for all of your keyword phrases.

Finally, Get your anchor text out to the world wide web, here's how to do that:

- Look for sites that are relevant to your site's theme, and then simply ask them if they would consider linking to your site using the html that you provide them. I also recommend creating a 'link to us' page on your website that shows people how you’d like them to link to you.

- Write articles. Writing articles is an excellent way to get your anchor text link out there. Simply include your html link in your resource box that you publish your article with. Article sites like encourages others to use your articles as long as they include your resource box. If ten people, let's say, use your article that's ten one way keyword rich, anchor text backlinks to your site.

- Find blogs that contain posts or topics related to your website. Make thoughtful, constructive comments to related posts. Put your creative thinking cap on and say more than just 'nice site' or 'love your post', that borders on spam and most blog owners will delete it. When making your comment use your keyword phrase as your name and put your website in the URL. This also creates an anchor text backlink to your site.

- Write interesting blog posts on your own blog or articles on your website. Use your keyword phrase in the titles of the posts or articles. If the information is captivating others will link to it for their own websites or blogs and they will use your keyword rich title when they link to you.

- Write a press release. I like to use for my press releases. They have a free press release service but for an additional fee they will permit you to include your html link in the body of your press release.

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